How long is the bike route?

The River District 12 Bike route is a 4.5 mile loop.


Do I have to ride for 12 hours?

No. You can ride as much or as little as you want. You can participate as a team and share the time in the saddle or decide to tackle it all on your own! Our event has Bonus Checkpoints that are designed to help you pace yourself by taking you off of the course, engage with your fellow bike riders, and explore our neighborhood.


Do I have to start at 7am?

We encourage you to start at 7am along with the majority of riders and experience the sense of camaraderie, but you may start anytime before 12 noon.


How am I suppose to know where to go on this bike course?

Visit the About page to take a look at the map and a list of the Main Checkpoint locations. We start at the 100 N. Main St. block and each Main Checkpoint has a map so that if you needed to refer to it you can. Best suggestion is to be at the Start/Finish line on the 100 N. Main St. block at 7am to participate in the mass start and follow the riders that have ridden in prior years.


What are Bonus Checkpoints?

Bonus Checkpoints give our event flavor! At Gear Pickup you will be given a list of our Bonus Checkpoints. Time, address, and a hint of your task are listed. These checkpoints are optional and each will award you with 9 Bonus Miles when completed. A Bonus Checkpoint is hosted by a local business or organization and could be a service project, a physical task, or a fun and silly activity.


What are Main Checkpoints?

Main Checkpoints are the structure of our bike route. Beginning at the 100 N. Main St. block, you move from Main Checkpoint to Main Checkpoint throughout the day to complete laps. Each lap is 4.5 miles. Main Checkpoints are hosted by local businesses or bike groups.


What are the categories that I might participate in?

You may participate Solo or on a Team. Solo is Male or Female. You may organize a team of 2-6 people.


How can I get involved as a Volunteer?

Visit our Volunteer page and fill out the online form and we will contact you with your volunteer spot!