Thank you so much for participating this year! Thank you to the volunteers, our Committee, the Main Checkpoint Hosts, the Bonus Checkpoint Hosts, and our Sponsors.

River District Association
Rockford Park District
Namaste Studios
Silky Screens
Dickerson and Nieman Realtors
Kegel's Bicycle Store

Main Checkpoint Hosts
Illinois Bank
Namaste Studios
YMCA Stingrays
Atwood Park Silent Sports Trail System
Rockford Area Mountain Bike Alliance (RAMBA)

Bonus Checkpoint Hosts
Silky Screens
Rocktown Adventures
Dawn Wulf Photography
911 Call Center
Salvage Too
Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary
Namaste Studios
Kegel's Bicycle Store

Our Committee
Ben and Tami Bogard
Jillian Trijniar
Jan Jann
Robb Sinks
Nicole Messink
Eric Fleming
Jeff Homan
Michelle Widell

In an event such as this we slow down a bit, take a different perspective on our surroundings, and for just a moment time stops, we are not rushing, we are enjoying, engaging, and really living.

Thank you!

CP #2 YMCA Gazebo

CP #2 YMCA Gazebo

RD12 CP2.jpg

Checkpoint #2 is located at the YMCA Gazebo just West of the south parking lot and by the bikepath.

CP #1 Riverwalk

CP #1 Riverwalk

Riverwalk CP #1.jpg

Checkpoint #1 is the Riverwalk. If you choose to volunteer this year, this could be your perch. Remember, when you volunteer for at least 2 hours this year, you have the ability to enter the 2017 event before registration opens. You can even enter the event this year AND volunteer, especially if you are on a team.

August 24th, 1834

Germanicus Kent (Left), Thatcher Blake (Upper Right), Lewis Lemon (Bottom Right)

It was the date upon which the City of Rockford was built on. Three brave souls by the names of Germanicus Kent, Thatcher Blake, and Lewis Lemon took a chance and made their way eastward from Galena through the rolling hills and flowing valleys of Northern Illinois. Upon arrival, they discovered a peaceful valley filled with a clear flowing river and an abundance of forestry and wildlife.

The establishment of the first permanent settlement on the west bank of the Rock River was better known as “Midway” due to its relationship of being the midway point between the cities of Galena and Chicago. Midway set the foundation and officially gained City designation as “Rockford” on January 3rd, 1852. The name Rockford was coined by the “rocky ford” that crosses the bottom of the Rock River. As word of this new utopia spread, immigrants of all nationalities flocked to this beautiful City and it soon became an industrial mecca producing machinery, fasteners, textiles, hosiery, watches, furniture, and so much more.

Like its name, Rockford is solid, built on hard labor and those that believe that anything is possible. Those proud to call themselves Rockfordians know how to fight for what they believe in, carrying on a legacy to build a strong viable community for future generations to come. Rockford. It all started with three brave men and a dream; to the Founders of this amazing City we salute you!

by Michael Montana